Sunday 4 November 2018

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A truly Suffolk production

The project was directed by Richard Hubbard, who is the cathedral’s Music Development Director, working in partnership with Suffolk and Essex-based Cantus Firmus Trust, and Woodbridge-based script-writer Neil Clayton.

They were supported by staff from Bury Schools Partnership, and a team of local audio-visual experts.

in paertnership with

350 performers

• Cantus Firmus Choir and Orchestra

• Bury Schools Partnership Choir

• St Edmundsbury Cathedral Choir

• Ex Silentio Choir (King Edward VI School)

• Drama (King Edward VI School)

• Choreography with newly-composed organ music

• Video

Combining great choral music with First World War music hall songs

The music was wide-ranging, including movements from John Rutter’s Requiem, works by Vaughan Williams, Butterworth (who was killed in the Great War), Mendelssohn, John Bell, and First World War popular songs, such as Pack Up Your Troubles and Sister Susie Sewing Shirts for Soldiers, as well as newly-composed music by Richard Hubbard.

"Absolutely fantastic.

I was bowled over by the scale of it."

Crimson Glory was a unique event to commemorate the centenary of the end of the Great War. It told the story of a young Suffolk soldier in the war, through music, drama, dance, art and video, depicting his journey from his life on a farm to the horrors of the Somme battlefields, and exploring his questions about Christian faith in the face of war.

"I was deeply moved by the whole experience."

"The outstanding quality of the production, the large number of churches, schools and community groups involved and the power of the message made it an unforgettable evening."

Art exhibition

An inter-school art exhibition on the Crismon Glory theme ran for three weeks in the cathedral cloisters.

"The audience were spellbound."

Image courtesy of Bury Free Press

"A truly remarkable production."