Enriching Christian worship through music and the arts

"The choir's diction was excellent - I could hear every word"


Office & Events Co-ordinator

Wendy Hubbard


Andrew Gosden (Chairman)

David Gunton (Treasurer)

Howard Gardner

Revd Mark Lowther

Owen Thurtle

Geoff Weaver

Anne Worker

Suffolk Steering Group

David Freestone

Andrew Gosden

Richard Hubbard

Wendy Hubbard

Rob Rose

Daphne Rose

Nicola Rout

Martin Steadman

Owen Thurtle

Essex Steering Group

Howard Gardner

David Gunton

Joe Budgen

Geoff Felton

Adrian Lyons

Suzanne Rudkin

Anne Worker

Annual Report

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About Us

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We believe that the creative arts are an important part of the way Christians express their worship of God. In the Bible we read that God is the ultimate Creator, and that he has made us in his image. Therefore we are made to be creative. God is honoured when we offer that gift of creativity as an act of worship.

Cantus Firmus seeks to encourage people to develop creative skills in such areas as music, dance, drama, art and creative writing. The aim is to enrich the lives of individuals and Church fellowships

We work in partnership with Churches to help them develop their use of music and other creative arts in worship and in mission. We do this through our choirs and musicians.

Our ministry also includes

     •     Creative worship events

     •     Workshops for developing breadth of approaches to worship

     •     Larger scale musical presentations

The main focus of Cantus Firmus Trust is in North Essex and Suffolk but our work also takes us around the UK.

Our vision

Artistic Director

Richard Hubbard